8 In 1 Air Fryer (White)

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8 In 1 Air Fryer (White)

£129.99 £99.99

Capture the great taste of fried food without the use of oil. Roast a whole size fresh chicken and potatoes for half an hour and indulge! If you love deep-fried food with a healthy twist and less mess, try this heavenly product known as the ARSHIA Air Fryer.

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Not only is the Arshia Air Fryer able to cook a host of different foods in a variety of methods, but it makes everything you cook healthier too. Unlike traditional frying, the Arshia Air Fryer uses hot air, which reduces the amount of fat in your food by a huge percentage. Plus, it adds a crispiness to food, perfect when making delicious chips.

You’re not restricted to just frying; you can roast, steam and even bake too, meaning you can cook anything from juicy steaks to cheesy pizzas.

Technical Specification

– Powerful 1300 Watts

– Unique design for delicious and low oil cooking results

– Rapid Air Technology for healthier frying

– Easy to clean and creates less smell than normal fryers

– Large cooking capacity of 10 Liters for all your favorite recipes

– Adjustment time and temperature control

– Temperature Ranges 50-230C

– Timer Range: 1-60min

– High-power performance for fast cooking results

– Digital display screen for easier use – Functions: Toaster, Rotisserie, Barbecue, Food dehydrator, Convection oven, Deep fryer, Grill, Steam cooker

– Automatic Switch-off when the lid is open

– Accessories: Dual Rack, Baking Cage, Fork, Fish basket, Frying pan, Steamer pan, Tong


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