SolarDom Oven

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SolarDom Oven

ARSHIA Solar DOM is the counter-top light-wave oven to combine conventional oven and microwave oven technologies and offer top-notch performance and design. The result is high quality microwave cooking. This microwave oven allows for the first time to achieve the rich taste of a conventional oven at lighting speed of a conventional microwave. As cooking time is minimized and the temperature is maximized, the moisture and nutrients are contained within the food resulting in a nutritious, tender and juicy dish. ARSHIA Solar Dom Oven has 7 automatic cooking menus with 10-convection cooking temperature setting.

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Technical Specification

– 34 Liters capacity

– 900 Watts Microwave

– 2050 Watts Convection Oven

– Grill power 1250watts

– 7 Automatic cooking Menus

– 10 Convection Cooking Temperature Setting

– Child lock, stage cooking

– Power Level 10

– Stainless Steel Cavity

– Mirror Glass

– Up down Door

– Convection type: UP and Rear

– Time Setting Max. 95:00mins

– 4 Combination cooking temperature setting

– Speedy weight defrost

– cooking end signal

– Preset Function

– Digital Clock

– Stainless Steel Door And Panel

– Functions included: MICROWAVE, GRILL, CONVECTION


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